A3-Advanced Architecture Apartments

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90 811 – 189 553
1 300 €/sq.m
Apartments (various types), 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, Shops, Storehouses, Garages

Unit sizes:
145.81 sq.m — 145.81 sq.m

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partially finished

Air-conditioners / Gas heating system


Type of construction
Reinforced concrete structure

2 km 8 km

Distance from the property to major attractions
  • Town center: 2 km
  • Airport Sofia (SOF): 8 km
  • Grocery shop: 250 m
  • Stop of the public transport: 350 m
  • Railway station: 7 km
Views from the property
  • Mountain views
  • Town views
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Air-conditioners
  • Gas heating system
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Central air-conditioning
  • Inverter air-conditioner

A3-Advanced Architecture Apartments - unique and inspiring residential architecture. The building, which connects the city with the mountain, is situated in one of the most modern areas in the city – on "Bulgaria" Blvd. The location of A3 building is the border zone where the city and the mountains merge into one. Herefrom comes the elegant design with soft and rounded forms, absorbing maximum daylight thr

The prices include VAT.

The exceptional location of the property provides quick and easy connections, located between "Kableshkov" Str. and the Ring Road. The area is modern and fast growing, a combination of dynamic urban and quiet residential atmosphere with predominant greenery. Here is situated the prestigious office zone of Sofia, which has interesting buildings like the "Belissimo", "Michelle" and business centers.

Minutes away is situated the lvely South Park and the picturesque neighborhood "Boyana", which complete the urban picture of Vitosha mountain. The district "Monasterski Livadi" provides maximum comfort and excellent infrastructure. Within walking distance away there are convenient public transport spots, excellent parking zones, schools, places for relaxation and entertainment, "Mall Bulgaria", and restaurants.

The building consists of five entrances, forming a common ensemble with different number of floors that reaches up to the impressive 17 floors. The first two entrances have two apartments per floor, and the other come with three apartments per floor. The small number of residential areas per floor create a sense of tranquility and more privacy. The apartments are spacious and with a favorable geographical position. All living rooms are facing southeast direction towards rich glass facades facing Vitosha Mountain and the city skyline.
The ground floor will be occupied by retail shops with size from 50 to 100 sq.m. The parking is secured by two underground levels and the entire ground area is to be landscaped.

The architectural design of the building conveys elegance and comes with soft organic shapes perfectly inscribed in the area. The implementation of the completion works is on the highest level and done with high-end materials, ensuring durability and easy maintenance of the building. The glass is the impressive accent of the project, which increases the feeling of sophistication and more light. The materials in the facade are fiberglass concrete and glass done in two colors -transparent and graphite Lacobel.
The formula for the creation of the A3 is from the inside out, or in other words the design follows the function. For achievement of the full vision of the Advanced Architecture Apartments will be used:

• monolithic reinforced concrete structure, according to the latest European uniform building codes Eurocode
- for high strength and low deformation are used high-strength concrete class C30 / 37 and reinforcing steel grade B500
• common foundation slab thickness 1.40 m, guarantee for the absence of defects in walls, floors and ceilings of uneven subsidence on the ground level.
• floor slabs, 25 cm thick, which ensures a very high sound insulation between the floors
• columns, distributed optimally so as to fall mainly in the walls between apartments, providing free planning of the interior environments

• eastern facade - glass facade of high-tech fiberglass concrete
• western faηade- aluminum joinery, silicone plaster details from high-tech fiberglass concrete
• northern and southern facades – window joinry, facade of high-tech fiberglass concrete

• unusable flat roof – with heat-, steam- and hydro-isolation

Common parts
• walls - concrete construction and masonry 25 cm, plasterboard and latex finish
• flooring and granite steps
• architectural lighting project
• railing according to the architectural detail

• high-tech elevators from leading global manufacturer

Underground parking
• flooring of polished concrete
• plastered walls with latex paint
• ceiling-by ready with reinforced concrete slab

Heating and Air Conditioning
Systems for maintaining of the microclimate in the building - high-tech and efficient energy-saving and low emission of carbon dioxide. Each owner receives a guaranteed comfort in the transitional and winter period provided by:
• individual heating systems with gas condensing boilers of a new generation of cutting-edge technology and extremely high efficiency. The facilities are of a compact design with safety valves that provide thermal requirements, also rapidly heating water for household needs. These can be adjusted through enhanced user interface, enabling the setting of modes for modulating the power of the boiler from 15% to 100%.
The device does not burn the oxygen in the room and gets oxygen from the outside air through a chimney unified system that throws the exhaust funes. For additional security, the facility has the following emergency functions:
• gas analyzer in each apartment near the boiler pot
• aluminum radiators and towel rails in each apartment
• fan coil units for ceiling mounting, cassette-type for commercial halls and shops
• for the summer season, in the living rooms has beeen laid piping for future installation of the split inverter type air conditioners of direct evaporation. The outside units will be placed on the technical terraces on the respective level.

The ventilation in the building is organized to ensure the hygiene standards for climate and air quality are met. For premises with possibility of direct ventilation is not provided mechanical ventilation. They will get:
• domestic fans valves for the exhaust funes, managed directly by the key-lighting in all bathrooms and storage rooms in the apartments and shops
• suction systems for the two levels of garages. They will directly dispose the polluted air in the green zones. The fresh air will enter freely through the two garage doors.
• emergency ventilation system in all stairways and elevator shafts to provide direct evacuation
• emergency hoods and ventilators for each separate fire zone to be included in case of emergency

• for the household needs
- polypropylene pipes, which do not deposite scale and do not corrode
- water meters with remote reading
- individual gas boilers located on the property for hot water
• for the fire needs
- fire installation, which consists of fire boxes located on each floor, completed with nozzle and hose with a length of 20 meters. They are installed discreetly in the structural elements of the building.

Sewer installation
• for household needs
- "silent" tubes made by technology that allows the reduction of noise from the effluent water
• drainage system - hidden system for removal of rainwater from the terraces without compromising the design aesthetics
• installation for drainage of the air conditioning units and gas boilers - hidden system, which is included in the building through drains. Thus, it prevents the penetration of sewer gases in the air conditioning units, and from there into the living quarters.

Electrical installation
The lighting of all premises is consistent with the functions to be performed:
• apartments - supply of all consumers will be made by the electrical panel
• stores - supply of all consumers will be by the relevant power panels, the installation will be hidden behind plasterboard walls of metal grates in the ceiling of the first floor
• lighting in stairways will be activated by light switches mounted on the landings
• lighting in corridors in front of the apartments will be activated by light switches installed in the corridors and the properties themselves
• all lighting fixtures are Flameproof type and have the relevant certificate

Planned to be implemented:
• Telephone installation
• Antenna installation for cable TV
• Internet
• alarm system
• intercom installation
• Lightning protection system
• Grounding system

The apartments in the feature spacious areas, all of high quality:
• flooring:
-for apartments and storerooms - plastering
-for balcony - granite
• walls:
- facade walls and walls between the individual properties - 25 cm masonry, drywall finishing with latex paint
- Internal walls - 12 cm plasterboard and finishing with latex paint
- for storerooms - pre siding with plasterboard and finish latex paint
• suspended plasterboard ceilings with latex finish for apartments and warehouses
• front metal door - SOLID with decorative panels MDF, with natural veneer and Italian fittings. For additional security - square and round defense with five keys.

The shops are offered with the following high quality finishing:
• flooring - finished concrete slabs
• walls - pre siding walls of plasterboard
• ceiling - concrete slab

Bathrooms to apartments and shops:
• flooring - concrete slab
• walls - structure for mounting on drywall
• floors - concrete slabs

Maintenance fee for common areas and security is to be paid.

The provided parking spaces and storage rooms for the apartments are situated on the two underground levels:
Their total number is 217 parking spaces and 112 storage rooms. The price of one parking space is 12 000 Euros VAT included.

This is the intersection A3, where the mountain starts with the city and the city starts with the mountain. This is the avant-garde architecture in the heart of the modern city with a view to Vitosha Mountain. Your home, your inspiration!

Payment Plan:
• 30% first installment upon signing the preliminary contract
• 30% second installment on shell stage Act 14
• 30% third installment upon installation of the window joinery
• 10% fourth installation upon permission for usage

Completion date: July 2017


This is the approximate location of the property. Please get in contact with us to learn its exact location.

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