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Mortgage finance

Information on how to contact banks regarding the purchase of a property with mortgage

In case you have decided to use mortgage loan for property purchase LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATES will assist you in contacting any Bulgarian bank that can advise you on obtaining a mortgage loan.

Very often, for some properties, especially those under construction, investors have previously agreed with specific banks that have prepared a special mortgage loan for financing buyers in the complex.

If you are buying a property under construction or one that is already in a new building, we suggest asking our responsible consultant if there is a special mortgage offer for buyers of the exact project.

If you are buying a property in an old building, we suggest contacting one of the leading bank institutions in Bulgaria. Choosing a bank to finance your purchase is your personal choice, and logically, many of our customers first consult with a serving bank they know well.

But very often our customers need to check the mortgage financing in several banks or to talk with different banks and to negotiate the most advantageous terms on their loan.

How can we help you to contact a bank to finance your purchase of a luxury property?

LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATESs team has a vast experience in luxury real estate market, based on more than 15 years work of our managers and consultants. We have helped many of our clients to explore funding opportunities by providing them with direct contact with experts in the credit departments of some of the largest banks in Bulgaria.

We provide you with direct contact with the banks, and you make personal meetings with each of them and make your own decision with which bank to work with. Being a leading agency in the luxury real estate market, our clients will be able to benefit from the following benefits when dealing with banks:

Personal meeting with a leading expert of mortgage financing of the chosen bank;

Personal consultancy with an experienced mortgage specialist who will introduce you to the banks core products, including the latest funding opportunities;

Fast-track system for moving your credit application documents into your chosen bank. You will be able to take advantage of the shortest deadlines for processing your credit documents.

Keep in mind that LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATES only provides you with direct contact with experienced bank experts to get first-person information, as well as a special offer that suits your needs and opportunities. LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATES does not advise you on the terms of the loan nor mediates between you and the banks in negotiating the conditions!

We can provide you direct contact with the banks to get special attitude and preferential terms only if you are already our customer. Please contact your personal LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATES consultant for more information.

"Luximo" Ltd. does not present or offer to customers who target banks specific banking products, does not provide information, including general information about bank products, nor does it explain or recommend such products, nor does it provide any advice or explain on behalf of the banks or on its own behalf, and does not carry out any other preparatory actions not described in this agreement to facilitate or assist the referral clients to enter into a specific credit agreement with the banks.

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