Svetli Drumev

Office Director / Partner, Office Vitosha, Sofia

The responsible attitude to work and the loyalty to the business partners brings excellent results.

Svetoslav Drumev is the Managing Director of Vitosha Office in Sofia. After starting work as a broker in the company in 2004 Svetoslav managed to strengthen his position in just a few months and later takes over the management of the office.

Svetoslav owes the excellent results to his responsible attitude to work, to his experience with local and foreign investors, as well as to his loyalty to the business partners.

Svetoslav was born in the city of Stara Zagora and graduated the elite Secondary School of Mathematics in his home town. He then moved to Sofia where he graduated the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, specialty Public Speech.

Currently Svetoslav continues to personally manage the deals in the office as he himself meets clients, organizes property viewings and cunducts a great number of the sales of the office.

His contacts with local developers allow the office to receive exclusive sale rights of the developments offered. Some of Svetoslavs priorities include negotiations with investors, the expanding of the activities of the office, as well as gathering and management of an effective team.

Svetoslav and his office were awarded with the special company award for Highest Number of Residential Property Sales for 2008 and with the award for Highest Number of Property Sales for 2009.
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REVIEW BY Sava Nedev
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REVIEW BY Sava Nedev