Why purchase a property with LUXIMMO?

Real Estate Agency. Why LUXIMMO? Several reasons to choose our real estate agency when buying a property

Buying a real estate property is an important decision for every one of us.

When buying a luxury or quality property LUXIMMO is the right solution.

Here are some serious reasons why choose us:

LUXIMMO. The purchase of a real estate property is an important decision for each of us.

When buying a luxury or a high-quality property LUXIMMO is the right solution for you.

Here are some serious reasons why choose us.

Friendly and positive. This is what you will find at LUXIMMO - friendly, positive and smiling young people who will welcome you as a good friend. Our employees will give you everything needed to be satisfied with the transaction.

Understanding. Our employees are good at listening. The decision to buy a property is important, and we understand that. Simply tell us everything and we will recommend you the best property for your needs.

Responsiveness. Fast reaction.When you work with LUXIMMO, you have at your disposal your own real estate consultant. Our colleague will be highly responsible and ready to cooperate with you at any time. Your real estate consultant will make sure you get more than what you expected.

Discretion. You can rely on us! Discretion is one of the most important principles we follow in our daily work. Our experience has been accumulated while working with special persons, successful business people, politicians, artists and people from the show business. We are aware that our elite clients find it extremely important to work with a responsible partner.

We save you time. We know that you are busy. We do not wish to deviate you from the responsible work you have or from your favorite activity. Give us the assignment, and we promise to do it without unnecessary questions and meetings.

Meeting with the Manager? Of course! Each of our offices is managed by a Regional Director. If you think he can help you best, just ask for a meeting. Our managers will be happy to meet you.

Meeting with the managing director of the company Nicola Stoyanov? Yes, of course, send your email here.

...and more:

Knowledge of the market. Our experts monitor the market closely for quality and luxury properties as well as for the overall development of the real estate sphere in Bulgaria. We also follow closely the trends in the other countries where we offer properties. That is why you can expect us to offer a judicious consultation and an objective opinion whether you are buying or selling. Just ask us!

The best price. The purchase of a luxury property is associated with the payment of a dear price. We appreciate your efforts and we know how important it is for you to invest wisely. The primary duty of your property consultant is to negotiate the best possible price for your purchase.

Legal protection. The real estate deals are a serious undertaking. Being our client you will be able to use the services of our experienced lawyer free of charge. The lawyer will carry out the necessary checks, will prepare all documents and contracts and will be present with you during the transaction process and the payment of the price. With LUXIMMO your property transaction will be fully covered.

"Special client". Once you have signed a real estate deal using the services of LUXIMMO, you will receive a Special Client Certificate, which will provide you with a number of advantages and discounts for all subsequent purchases, sales or rentals with our agency.

"LUXIMMO Club". After you sign a second sale/purchase of a property using our services, you will get a membership in our LUXIMMO Club. The club membership will give you the opportunity to participate in all our investment seminars, will give you access to special offers, and a number of additional discounts that you can use for services offered by our network of business partners.

Confide in us! Give us a chance to work for you!

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