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Office in skyscraper Capital Fort

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Total area:
440 sq.m

Reference number:
Sfa 1070
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Type of construction
Reinforced concrete structure

Wall-to-wall carpet


Distance from the property to major attractions
  • Airport Sofia (SOF): 5km
Views from the property
  • Mountain views
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Central air-conditioning

We offer for rent an office a size of 300 sq.m. in the office building Capital Fort located on Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd., which is the main artery, connecting the downtown area with Sofia Airport and southern and eastern Bulgaria.

The area is forming as a modern and contemporary administrative- commectial center (Mega park Sofia, Carrefour Mall, Metro station 19, Technomarket, METRO, Sofia Outlet Centre, Benchmark Tower, Expo Centre). 50 meters away from Capital Fort, the future Metro station number 19 is being built, which will ensure the fast and comfortable access to the complex.

The complex consists of two office buildings, a financial center, conference halls, bank offices, restaurants and fast food outlets with winter garden, shops, showrooms, fitness center, beauty salon, childrens place, travelling agency, dry-cleaners, underground parking with 750 parking places.

Capital Fort is the practical building, which creates maximum convenience and comfort to its occupants, meeting all dynamically changing requirements in business development. Provides all necessary business services, optimizes tenants expenses and is environmental-friendly.

Capital Fort complex offers selected mix of class A offices, commercial areas, and various types of services.

The construction of the building is of monolithic ferroconcrete type. A combined system has been projected for funding from the common fundament of the whole complex slab and with drain-casting pilots under the high building. The construction system of the high building is of scaffold-frame, with central core and periphery frames for taking-up the horizontal powers from wind and earthquake, and columns for taking-up the vertical loads.

The floor constructions consist of one-way and cross-armed fields, stepping on flat beams, as the main purpouse while choosing the floor construction is the maximum lightening of the slabs, with a view to the multi-storeyness and the big consoles. The roof of the Platform is made of steel roof construction, stepping on ferroconcrete columns.

The building construction was projected according to the Bulgarian standards for projecting of building constructions and according to the European norms for building projects (Eurocode), as the transition to the European norms will coincide with the period of building of the complex.

HVAC systems
Contemporary and progressive HVAC technologies is incorporated in the building in order to reach high coefficient of energy transforming and reduction of the harmful emissions.

The air-conditioning of the building-heating, cooling, air treatment is made by the means of last generation energy-saving thermo-pump freon air-conditioning aggregates, VRV type. The external units are fixed on technical floors and on the roofs of the low and the high building. All the external units are covered with facade elements in order not to contradict with the visual image of the building.

The internal units are with ceiling ventilator convectors- channel machine type and four way-cassettes. The office part has three-pipe system for Freon distribution, allowing independent choice for heating and cooling of each internal unit.

All the inhabited premises in the building are ventilated with fresh air supply, as the obligatory air exchange will be performed by recuperation ventilator blocks, heat-insulated air-ducts and gratings. All the installations will be placed in within the suspended ceiling.

Telecommunication systems
There is a passive infrastructure foreseen, which will guarantee the high quality and trustworthiness of the media for transfer of voice, data and video. The central telecommunication area is situated on the basement floor, where the external connections from the different providers are entering.

The communication rooms of the buildings are connected with the central area by the means of optic cables. From them, to each end communication cabinet, the signal is transferred by the means of an optic cable. The building offers maximum flexibility in taking decisions, related with the building of the telecommunication networks to each working place.

The building is protected by a completely computerized access control system, which includes magnetic card readers for all the access points of the building, including: the barriers of the automobile entrances, the garages and the parking places, the entrances of the building, the elevator lobbies, the entrances of the offices and etc.

The parking places are separated into zones for visitors and zones for employees. For the visitors of the building there is a system for temporary access control, operating by the means of magnetic tickets and automatic registration of each automobile.

Discrete system is designed for video surveillance, providing complete coverage of the common areas of the building and the land, which is supervised by a specialized security center in the building. A 24 hour live security is foreseen in the building and the land, including specially trained employees from a reputable security company. There is an automatic system for registration of visitors foreseen, including issuance of visitor access card, direct contact with tenants of the building and saving a picture of the visitor.

There will be an intelligent system installed for control of the building installations. The system will control and manage all the HVAC systems of the building, as well as the systems for firefighting and safety.

The system will grant and process punctual information about the energy consumption of each rented unit and will give the possibility for optimization of the energy usage and the expenses of the tenants. The system will control precisely the microclimate of the common parts, following carefully the external weather conditions.

A separate security system will manage the systems for access control and video surveillance. The system will have the option for saving data and for monitoring.

Rental prices
The rental price per sq. on the base of total area in the lower building is 12 Euro per month.
In the high building for the first 5 floors the rental price is 14 Euro per sq.m.
For floors 6-10 the rental price is 15 Euro.
For floors 11-15 the rental price is 16 Euro.
For floors 16-20 the rental price is 17 Euro per sq.m. of total area per month.
Parking spaces 50 Euro per month.
Maintenance fee is 2 Euro per month per square meter of total area.

We are ready to organize a viewing of this property at a time convenient for you. Please contact the responsible estate agent and inform them when you would like to have viewings arranged. We can also help you with flight tickets and hotel booking, as well as with travel insurance.

How to rent the property?
If you like the property and decide to rent it, we will be able to prepare a rental agreement with the landlord and present it for approval and signature by both parties. The usual practice is to prepay one rent for the first month and to leave a guarantee deposit to the landlord to the amount of one month's rent. Please contact the responsible estate agent for more information on the procedure for renting the property as it may vary between long-term, short-term and seasonal rents.

Additional Services
Apart from renting a property though our company you can also take advantage of a number of additional services. We can offer insurance of movable and immovable property, life insurance, medical and car insurance, construction and repair works, furnishing, legal and accounting services, etc.


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