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1-bedroom apartment #70 in OKINAWA Boutique Residence

131 274 (excl. VAT)
1 430 €/sq.m
(excl. VAT)

No commission from the Buyer

1-bedroom apartment

Total area:
91.80 sq.m (net area: 72.73 sq.m plus common areas: 19.07 sq.m)

Class of the building/complex:

Number of floors:






Development status:
Under construction

Reference number:
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unfinished internally


6km 12km

Distance from the property to major attractions
  • Town center: 6km
  • Airport Sofia (SOF): 12km
Views from the property
  • Town views

We exclusively present a two-room apartment for sale in OKINAWA Boutique Residence, the first building in Bulgaria that will be built entirely according to the rules of the Healthy building concept in design and construction.

Received Act 14. Sale directly from an investor, without commission from the buyer!
The price of the property offered "turnkey" - 149,634 excluding VAT.

Healthy building concept - an optimally healthy environment with clean air and water in urban conditions. "Healthy construction" is the sensible solution to all environmental challenges and climate change. It allows us to live on an island of salvation that guarantees a quality stay in our homes, reducing health risks and monthly property costs.

Convenient and key location

The building will be built in the "Malinova Dolina" quarter, adjacent to one of the largest stores from the leading "Fantastico" chain. OKINAWA Boutique Residence is located on the second line of "Simeonovsko Shose" Blvd., which is the main thoroughfare of the capital Sofia, directly connecting the city center with the "Simeonovo" district. The building is conveniently located near a public transport stop, a future metro station, the universities of Studentski Grad, the Ring Road, Sofia Ring Mall and Paradise Center, Sofia Business Park, Vitosha Nature Park, kindergartens and schools.

Scheduled Completion - March 2025

Apartment No. 70 with a total area of 91.80 m2 is located on the 6th floor and consists of:

  • spacious living room with kitchen of 22.18 m2.;
  • bedroom - 10.68 m2. with bathroom/toilet;
  • large terrace of 25.25 m2., with exit from both rooms.

The stated price and area includes a basement with a net area of 3.09 m2.

Degree of completion of the apartments - "turnkey" (completely finished and ready for furniture) or according to BDS ("putty and screed"), according to the buyer's preferences

All apartments in the building are issued to buyers as standard, according to their wishes - completed "turnkey" or according to BDS, that is, at the so-called "plaster and mortar" level.

The apartments, finished "turnkey" are issued with high-class materials - flooring made of granite tiles or laminated parquet, finely plastered and painted with latex walls and ceilings, installed keys and sockets, installed interior doors, fully finished bathrooms and toilets with faience and all accessories including shower cabins, toilet bowls with a built-in structure, sinks, etc. Lighting fixtures and furniture are not included.

Apartments completed according to BDS are issued in the following form: all installations in the apartment are built and laid, incl. electrical installation, plumbing, piping for heating and air conditioning of individual gas boiler, heat pump or multi-split system with freon air conditioners, according to the preferences of the buyer. Stands for the outdoor units will be installed in predetermined, discrete places on the balconies, in order to preserve the external aesthetics of the building and its facade. Sockets and switches from Schneider Electric are installed. An armored door is included as standard, internal interior doors are not included.

The indicated price is without VAT.

WELL - a healthier lifestyle

OKINAWA Boutique Residence maintains optimism, requires curiosity about the technologies of the future and the way a building affects a human body. A concept subordinated to the drive for sustainable living in an urban environment and a very personal dialogue with it, aiming at the correct positioning of the modern man in it. The building will be WELL certified, which promotes a culture of health and well-being that can be achieved in our living environment. It includes a range of strategies supported by the latest scientific research that aim to improve human health through design interventions, operational protocols and policies. It is drawn up by practitioners and public health professionals and building scientists around the world, bringing together best and working practice in one place. And this is how some of the solutions for a healthier lifestyle will be achieved at OKINAWA Boutique Residence:

Japanese garden - a place for meditation and relaxation

Japanese gardens are one of the proven methods that have an extremely high level of impact on a person's mental health and resilience. Through the characteristic minimalism, the entire universe is symbolically represented in a limited space, but without the highly contrasting means of expression that are characteristic of Western cultures in horticulture. Individual elements are used that help to build connections between the individual, his inner world and the universe.

Filtered water

The building will be equipped with a central self-washing filter, which will guarantee the supply of the apartments with water for drinking needs, purified to the highest degree.

First class joinery

The joinery is from the leading European brand Alumil, from the M 11 500 Aluterm Super Plus series an aluminum system with a wide interrupted thermal bridge. Corresponds to the highest class of European specifications in terms of heat and sound insulation, air and water tightness, according to the ift Rosenheim institute tests (Uf = 1.9 W/M2K). This system is also tested and certified by the EKANAL laboratory, officially authorized according to EU standards.


High-tech, breathable facade, which is a combination of Baumit thermal insulation system with mineral plaster on an architectural detail of expanded polystyrene EPS 10 cm and ventilated, suspended on an aluminum structure, lined with ceramic plates of the leading Italian manufacturer Laminam, from the Seta collection, with a golden motif. Laminam boards maintain their specifications even when exposed to heat, UV rays and freezing. They are also shock, stain and scratch resistant. In the suspended facade package, insulation of 10 cm laminated stone-mineral wool, brand ROCKWOOL with parodifusive and windproof membrane, which has a density of 50 kg/m?, minimum heat losses - ? = 0.035 W/mK, will be built in. The ventilated facade provides excellent thermal insulation and vapor permeability, keeps moisture outside the building, reduces heat loss in winter and the penetration of hot air in summer, increases waterproofing and sound insulation, protection against snow, rain and condensation from the inside of the building walls.

The facade part covered with Baumit is self-cleaning and has a low tendency to contamination. The plaster is mineral and highly vapor permeable, with the highest degree of protection against retention of dirt on the surface of the building.

Common parts

The walls and ceilings in the common areas and apartments are finished with Baumit KlimaWhite lime plaster.

The final coating of the walls and ceilings in the common areas is Baumit ClimaColor - vapor-permeable, one-component, silicate paint with good coverage, almost odorless, without emissions, solvents and preservatives. We avoid the cement-based plasters widely used in most buildings. These will not be applied in OKINAWA Boutique Residence, due to the many negative effects on the internal microclimate of the premises and the health of the occupants, such as tight sealing and inability of the plaster to breathe, emissions of volatile organic compounds, unpleasant odors and irritating fumes polluting the domestic air. Baumit Klima products contain lime. Varta has a preventive effect because it is alkaline.

The floor screed over underfloor heating contains special additives to improve heat transfer and heat transfer.

We use a sulfosynthetic water solution on a polymer basis. It makes it possible to prepare high-quality REO-plastic floor screeds, not only for their high mechanical resistance, but also for their high thermal conductivity, waterproofness, stiffness and dimensional stability (high elasticity, low shrinkage and deformation). Insulation is placed under the underfloor screed to stop the heat from spreading downwards. The underfloor heating pad also has a sound-insulating function. The screed does not need additional reinforcement.

The flooring in the common parts of the building, lobby, corridors and stairs will be filled with slabs of natural stone - polished granite. The stair railings are openwork aluminum, an architectural detail visible in the interior 3D renderings of the building. Glass doors to the floor areas, which are smoke-tight, self-closing, will be provided. For the floors of the balconies and loggias, we have chosen Italian granite tiles, ensured against slipping. The open terraces will have a double floor and floor coverings made of Italian ceramic tiles.

SCHINDLER elevators.

Professional consultation

It is possible to purchase underground parking spaces.

Extremely favorable prices are also provided for furniture made to order from the subsidiary furniture company of the investor - Furnish BG.

In addition to negotiable, the investor also provides 2 standard payment plans.

Contact the broker in charge for professional advice on the type of property you are interested in at OKINAWA Boutique Residence.

We are ready to organize a viewing of this property at a time convenient for you. Please contact the responsible estate agent and inform them when you would like to have viewings arranged. We can also help you with flight tickets and hotel booking, as well as with travel insurance.

Property reservation
You can reserve this property with a non-refundable deposit of 2,000 Euro, payable by credit card or by bank transfer to our company bank account. After receiving the deposit the property will be marked as reserved, no further viewings will be carried out with other potential buyers, and we will start the preparation of the necessary documents for completion of the deal. Please contact the responsible estate agent for more information about the purchase procedure and the payment methods.

After sale services
We are a reputable company with many years of experience in the real estate business. Thus, we will be with you not only during the purchase process, but also after the deal is completed, providing you with a wide range of additional services tailored to your requirements and needs, so that you can fully enjoy your property in Bulgaria. The after sale services we offer include property insurance, construction and repair works, furniture, accounting and legal assistance, renewal of contracts for electricity, water, telephone and many more.


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