Lyubin Chakov

Team Leader, Office Vishneva, Sofia (LUXIMMO)

Lubin Chakov returned to our company after a four-year pause. He completed his secondary education at "Simeon Radev" High School for foreign languages in Pernik and got his Bachelor degree at Sofia University Major Tourism in 2010; and his Master's degree at the NBU Major International Business in 2015. He has excellent knowledge of English.

Lubin gained experience as a Front Office Manager at a hotel while studying at the University, as well as a sales representative retail customers. In the period March 2010 - September 2012 he was working as a rentals and sales broker in one of our Sofia offices. In December 2016 he returned to the company again with great enthusiasm and desire to work. Lubin is known for his accuracy and correctness of the transactions, as well as with its flexibility in solving problems. He is a team player and gives 100% of himself to every customer, believing that the deal can be "closed" from the very first contact with the client.

Lubin distributes his free time between traveling and reading books. He is interested in business management, nanotechnology and the drinking water properties.