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LUXIMMO successfully cooperates with leading building entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. One of the main directions we specialize in, is the sale of residential and commercial properties which are under construction. The company has a vast experience and has successfully realized a significant number of such sales. The company has an effective know-how and its own marketing platform for such properties not only residential, but such for vacancy as well. The sale "on green" suggests a relatively long-term commitment with both the entrepreneur and the buyers alike. This is why we created an unique online OPSMS system that supports this type of sales and the necessary communication with customers.

In the recent years the volumes of the new construction have increased in Bulgaria, mainly in the direction of residential and holiday properties. The standards and the quality of the newly-built constructions have also significantly increased. Buyers have also become more demanding and expect more from their new acquisition.

In LUXIMMO we know well the market of new built construction and work successfully in the realization of sites in all major cities and resorts. Through our network of franchise partners in the country we offer new construction also in the smaller cities. Our goal has always been to provide offers only from reputable builders who have proven their quality work and strict compliance with the commitments.

In our work with our partners of construction and development companies LUXIMMO established a practice of joint design of future buildings and complexes. We participate actively in the whole process from the idea, through the creation of the concept to the assignment of technical task to architects and designers. Our experience and deep knowledge of the market are essential in the preparation of the projects and different technical decisions. Such optimizing process gives exceptionally beneficial results both for the appearance of the new building/ complex, and for the financial result of the entrepreneur.

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