Greece has been named as one of the Safest Destinations in the World for travellers in 2019


Greece has made the list of the 20 safest countries in the mind of travellers and according to Freitag, the country can take a lot of advantage from that.

The forecast this year for Greece is good because it is seen as a safe and wonderful place, an ideal holiday country with a fantastic climate,.

As 38% of international travellers currently claim that political instability and terror threats will have an influence on their travel planning for 2019.

According to IPKs World travel Monitor, travelers from Asia feel a lot more impacted by terror threats than travelers from other continents.

In terms of what kind of influence terror threats will have on the travel behavior, the great majority states that they will choose only destinations, which are safe.

According to the survey, the safety image of most destinations slightly improved over the last 12 months also for Turkey, Israel and Egypt. *Source: GTP Headlines

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