Thousands of People Attended the Spectacular Show at the Sea Carnival of Chalkida


The Sea Carnival of Chalkida is something you definitely want to experience once in a lifetime.

What makes the Sea Carnival of Chalkida unique? The carnival takes place every year on the beach of Chalkida and includes a beautiful spectacle of festive floats, parades and treasure hunts during its four-week run leading up to Clean Monday which commences the Eastern Orthodox Lent.

Thousands of visitors attended this years month-long events. This years theme was the Argonauts which wowed spectators as it took place in the Strait of Evripos famous for the current that changes direction every 6 hours, and where the north and south currents of the sea collide under the bridge of Chalkida. The show of the famous battles and trips was complete with stories, music, fireworks, visual effects, floating huge figures and even flying creatures from the ancient Greek mythology!

Our local agent in Chalkida, Dessi Dimova attended the Sea Carnival 2019, joining the fleet of the Argonauts and shared with us the event with a lots of photos and videos.

Check out Dessi Dimova's portfolio here!

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