Bulgaria ranks first in real estate investment growth



SOFIA (Bulgaria), March 19 (SeeNews) - Investments in Bulgarian real estate rose the most among 59 countries worldwide in 2017, according to a recent Cushman and Wakefield report.

Investments in Bulgarian property increased by 153% to 856 million euro ($1 billion) in 2017, real estate brokers and consultants Cushman&Wakefield said in its Global Investment Atlas report, issued last week.

All investment volumes are quoted pertaining to deals of $5 million and above, unless otherwise stated, Cushman and Wakefield said in the report.

Romania ranked 7th worldwide with a investment growth of 65% to 1.26 billion euro in 2017. Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia recorded declines in investments.

"In Europe, a rise in volumes is likely to be driven by further demand in Central and Eastern markets," Cushman and Wakefield added.

Source: Cushman&Wakefield

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