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The best-value holiday destinations this summer with the cheapest booze found in Portugal and Bulgaria


Portugal and Bulgaria are the cheapest holiday options for families this summer, according to a new report.

The Post Office's Holiday Money Report has revealed which destinations Brits can head to this year where their cash will go the furthest.

Green-list country Portugal was found to be the cheapest destination using the euro, with the Algarve coming out on top.

The Portuguese island of Madeira made the top ten, while Portugal was also the third cheapest out of 46 holiday hotspots worldwide.

However, the cheapest destination was once again Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, for the fourth year in a row.

To determine the cheapest destination, the report looks at the price of the following common holiday spends:

A three-course evening meal for two with wine

A bottle of beer

A glass of wine

A can of Coca-Cola

A large bottle of water

A cup of coffee


Insect repellent

The Bulgarian holiday hotspot saw all eight spending choices come to just £28, with a bottle of beer costing just 47p - cheaper than the can of Coke.

In comparison, Portugal, while still cheap, came at £44. In second place was Marmaris in Turkey, which was £37.

The most expensive places in Europe to head are to Nice in France, where you will spend £94.71 for the same things, as well as Puglia in Italy (£93.67) and Corfu in Greece (£91.09).

Iceland, another green list destination, was one of the most expensive on the list, coming in at a whopping £130.34.

The worst offender? Abu Dhabi, which will set you back £159.01 for the same luxuries.

Nick Boden, Post Office Head of Travel Money, said that prices had fallen during the pandemic, means good news for Europe as well as long haul destinations - although warned to check travel restrictions before just booking the cheapest destination.

He explained: "People who are hoping to take an overseas holiday and have not decided on their destination should make sure they know the regulations that apply to countries they are considering at the time of booking.

"When budgeting for their holiday, they should include all the costs of travel abroad in their planning.

"This does not just mean comparing package prices or flight costs but also doing their homework to check how resort prices have changed since their last trip.

"Big falls in many European and long haul resorts spell good news so choose carefully.

While Bulgaria is the cheapest option, it is also on the amber list, meaning Brits will have to quarantine for 10 days when returning to the UK.

Portugal is welcoming Brits back from Monday, with Brits requiring a negative Covid test to enter.

As it is on the green list, UK travellers won't have to quarantine on their return.

Sadly, holiday hotspots including Spain and Greece are yet to be put on the amber list.

Brits will also need to check what Covid tests they may need when going on holiday this year - TUI has launched £20 test kits ahead of the summer.

Only four of the countries on the green list are welcoming Brits, with destinations including Australia and New Zealand not opening their borders to tourists.

While Brits won't have to quarantine when returning to the UK from a green destination, a pre-arrival test and a Covid test on day two are still required.

The rest of Europe is on the amber list, which requires a 10-day home quarantine.

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