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One-bedroom apartment with its own yard in a gated complex with a park environment next to the metro

1-bedroom apartment

Total area:
90 sq.m (net area: 73 sq.m plus common areas: 17 sq.m)

Plot area:
14 sq.m

Number of floors:

ground floor


Reference number:
SOF 110936
Info pack

unfinished internally



Distance from the property to major attractions
Views from the property
  • Park views
  • Views to inner garden

We offer to your attention a two-room apartment with its own yard of 14 m2. in a closed complex with Act 14. The property is located near one of the main road arteries in the city - "Tsar Boris III" boulevard and right next to the "Krasno Selo" metro station. The main goal of the project is to create a modern living environment in which the residents of the complex can find comfort and peace in the abundance of colors and textures of the park environment.

The apartment has the following layout:
Living room with kitchenette;
Entrance hall;
Bathroom with toilet;
Exposure northwest/southeast.

The vision is the implementation of a secluded, cozy and at the same time modern gated complex in the conditions of an urban environment, which will provide a new definition for the concept of home.

Advertised apartment prices range from 1,300 to 2,300 including VAT per m2 of area, depending on the specific building, floor and other facilities of the apartment.

Option I
10% of the price of the apartment (advance payment) - upon signing a preliminary contract
90% of the price of the apartment (final payment) - upon signing of the Notarial Act
Price: from 1,900 to 2,300 including VAT

Option II
30% of the price of the apartment (advance payment) - upon signing a preliminary contract
70% of the price of the apartment (final payment) - upon signing the Notarial Act
Price: from 1,700 to 2,100 including VAT

Option III
50% of the price of the apartment (advance payment) - upon signing a preliminary contract
50% of the price of the apartment (final payment) - upon signing of the Notarial Act
Price: from 1,400 to 1,800 including VAT

Option IV
70% of the price of the apartment (advance payment) - upon signing a preliminary contract
30% of the price of the apartment (final payment) - upon signing of the Notarial Act
Price: from 1,300 to 1,650 including VAT
The plot is located behind a series of buildings located on the local lane of "Tsar Boris III" Boulevard, which makes it a quiet and peaceful residential area. From the point of view of choosing a property, the area is one of the most preferred in the capital, due to the well-developed road and public infrastructure, the existing green areas and park spaces and the panoramic view of Vitosha.

Located on a plot of 27,644 m2., the complex consists of 14 buildings housing a total of 556 residential and 10 commercial units with a total surface area of just over 58,000 m2.

Extensive park spaces, landscaping and an alley network with an area of more than 20,000 square meters are planned, with no access for cars. The project envisages the construction of two playgrounds, for children from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 12 years.

The location is extremely communicative with quick access to the central and administrative part of the city, as well as to South Park and the South Tangent of the Ring Road.

Renovated pedestrian routes and bicycle paths have been built in the area, and several stops of the public transport network, as well as the "Krasno Selo" metro station, are located meters from the closed complex in "Krasno Selo".

The construction of the buildings in the complex is a monolithic, mixed reinforced concrete construction. The external and internal partition non-bearing walls are built of brickwork with Wienerberger Porotherm bricks.

The facades of the buildings are designed with a suspended ventilated facade system with cladding of clinker plates, Vratchan limestone, masonry of brick-type clinker bricks and thermal insulation of stone wool. Suspended ventilated facades are distinguished by high technical quality, and the separation of thermal insulation and weather protection ensures a facade with great reliability in terms of duration of operation and low maintenance costs.

Thirteen of the buildings are designed with a flat roof, and one of them - with a pitched (shaded) roof with glazing. Implementation of a roof insulation package of vapor insulation, thermal insulation and waterproofing is planned.

Windows profiles are multi-chamber, aluminum, with an interrupted thermal bridge, by Reynaers. The glazing is a triple glazing with external special energy glass, the color of the profile is consistent with the vision of the facade, and the axis of opening - with the functional purpose of the built premises. All window openings in the complex are of the "French" type, which provides light and spaciousness in the premises.

All residential entrances are equipped with high-tech electric elevators of the leading brand Schindler (or equivalent) without a machine room, with an optimal speed of movement according to the storey of the respective building. The dimensions of the cabin of each elevator are in accordance with the requirements for an accessible environment, including for the disabled.

Entrance hall and stairs
The common spaces are designed according to an individual interior project, tailored to the look and style of the complex.

Degree of completion of the rooms in the apartments:
Walls and ceilings - gypsum plaster Baumit;
Floor covering - cement screed;
Entrance armored door with an individual design of the Solid brand;
For each of the dwellings, a storage room is provided in the dwelling itself and/or outside it - in the underground floors of the building.

Heating system
Separate central heating installations with heat carrier water from the thermal power plant have been developed for each building. The distribution pipe networks are made of reinforced polypropylene pipes, thermally insulated, installed on the ceilings of the basement. The vertical risers feed collector panels with heat meters, in the corridors of the floors. From them, with heat-insulated, polyethylene pipes in the floor, the distribution boards in the apartments will be powered. The horizontal wiring from the panel to the heating elements is made of polyethylene pipes with an aluminum insert 16/2, laid in a corrugated tube in the floor screed.

Air conditioning
Each apartment has a space for placing an external air conditioner for the multi-split system.

Water and Plumbing installation
The installation for cold, hot and circulating water for the vertical and distribution network is made of polypropylene Stabi pipes. The installation for hot water laid in the walls of the sanitary premises is made of polypropylene pipes PN20, and the one for cold water from polypropylene pipes PN16. The sewage installation in the sanitary premises is from PR Master 3 silent sewage pipes and fittings manufactured by Pipelife Austria. The silent sewage system of MASTER 3 is represented by pipes with an optimally constructed three-layer structure of polypropylene (PP), which fulfills all the requirements of the standards for a comfortable and quiet environment in modern housing.

Power plant
The lighting installation is performed with PVVM type cable 3x1.5 sq. mm, hidden under the plaster. There are sockets for general use, which are powered with a PVVM cable 3x2.5 m2m, and those for larger consumers with a PVVM cable 3x4 m2m.

Structural cable system
The wiring of the computer network is carried out radially from the building telecommunications cabinet to each apartment low-current box with 1 pc. optical cable and with 1 pc. FTP cat.6a. In the apartments, the telephone and computer installation is performed with 2 pcs. FTP cat.6a cable ending with RJ45 cat.6a connectors, drawn in corrugated tubes ?16mm hidden under the plaster.

Doorbell and intercom installation
An intercom installation is planned for the residential part of the buildings. A video intercom combined with a bell and a button to control the electric lock on the entrance door of the building is installed in each apartment.

Financing the purchase
Bank mortgage lending is provided by our SUPER CREDIT credit center at the lowest interest rates and co-payment percentage.

View of the property
We can arrange a viewing of the property at a time convenient for you. To do this, contact the broker responsible for the offer and tell him when you would like to make an inspection.

Reservation of the property
The property can be reserved and removed from sale with the payment of a deposit, after which the inspections with other buyers are stopped and the preparation of the documents for the conclusion of a preliminary and final contract begins. Contact the broker responsible for this property for detailed information on the purchase procedure and payment methods.

Additional services and after-sales service
We are a responsible company and we will be with you not only during the purchase, but also after, providing you with additional services according to your requirement in order to fully and smoothly use the newly purchased property. The services we can offer include chattel and chattel insurance, life insurance, medical and car insurance, construction and repair, furniture, legal and accounting services and more.

We are ready to organize a viewing of this property at a time convenient for you. Please contact the responsible estate agent and inform them when you would like to have viewings arranged. We can also help you with flight tickets and hotel booking, as well as with travel insurance.

Property reservation
You can reserve this property with a non-refundable deposit of 2,000 Euro, payable by credit card or by bank transfer to our company bank account. After receiving the deposit the property will be marked as reserved, no further viewings will be carried out with other potential buyers, and we will start the preparation of the necessary documents for completion of the deal. Please contact the responsible estate agent for more information about the purchase procedure and the payment methods.

After sale services
We are a reputable company with many years of experience in the real estate business. Thus, we will be with you not only during the purchase process, but also after the deal is completed, providing you with a wide range of additional services tailored to your requirements and needs, so that you can fully enjoy your property in Bulgaria. The after sale services we offer include property insurance, construction and repair works, furniture, accounting and legal assistance, renewal of contracts for electricity, water, telephone and many more.


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