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Regulated plot of land with a conceptual design for a luxury SPA and balneal complex with healing mineral water

285 000 195 000
35 €/sq.m
Development project, Development land, Land, Investment land, Building plot with project

Total area:
5565 sq.m

Reference number:
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1km 2km 167km

Distance from the property to major attractions
  • Mountain lift: 2km
  • Town center: 1km
  • Airport Sofia (SOF): 167km
  • Grocery shop: 500 m
  • Stop of the public transport: 300 m
  • Railway station: 100 m
  • School: 1km
Views from the property
  • Mountain views
  • Ski run views

Regulated plot of land with an area of 5565 m2., with a developed conceptual design for a luxury complex, consisting of a hotel, SPA and spa center with plenty of procedures and medical offices, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with hot mineral water, restaurant and 3 detached residential buildings with apartments. The terrain is located in a beautiful pine forest on a high hill on the outskirts of the mountain town of Dobrinishte, known as one of the spa resorts in Bulgaria. Dobrinishte is located only 5 km from the largest Bulgarian ski resort Bansko. Thanks to its healing mineral water, as well as its own ski area, the town of Dobrinishte is developing dynamically and in recent years has become an increasingly popular destination for tourism and recreation, both Bulgarians and foreigners.

The land we offer for sale has the following building indicators, according to the current construction visa issued in 2020, which we have:

Intensity: 1.5
H = 10 m.
% Construction: 60%
% Landscaping: 40%

The current owner has made a comprehensive serious preparation for the development of this terrain. For this purpose, it first conducted a thorough study, hiring a team of leading Bulgarian specialists in the field of spa tourism and spa treatment, who have developed the overall concept and strategy for the development of a luxury 5-star spa mini-resort. Serious experience has been gained from the best examples for the development of modern SPA and balneal tourism, using the know-how of leading hotel complexes and facilities using healing mineral water in the leading resorts of the Czech Republic Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne. Subsequently, a leading architectural bureau was assigned to develop a conceptual design for the construction of a modern hotel and residential complex, consisting of a hotel, a large spa and spa center with all services, 3 residential buildings with apartments and a beautiful park in the complex with gardens and a colonnade with fountains and sources of healing mineral water. The project involves access to running mineral water with healing properties, through a direct pipe connection from the catchment of the bath in Dobrinishte, for which an official Permit for water abstraction of mineral water valid until 2023 and an option for renewal for another 10 years. The permitted flow and quantities of medicinal mineral water that can be used from the source according to the Mineral Water Permit are as follows:

? Average daily flow Q = 0.89 l / s, with maximum pumping volume Q = 76.9 cubic meters / day.
? Permitted annual water volume Q = 28,067.04 cubic meters / year.
? Mineral water temperature: 40.30 C

It has a complete pipe connection (heat pipeline) from the source of hot mineral water with healing properties to the terrain. The pipes are factory insulated with special insulation according to the highest European standards and as a material are of the highest class. The beginning of the heat pipeline is in the reservoir for distribution of mineral water at the source, where a water meter and pump unit is built and one of the pipes / out of a total of 4 / is designated for this plot. The heating pipe is about 720 m long and ends inside the plot. The water meter and pump unit, as well as the pipeline are owned by the company that owns the site. In fact, the issued Water Use Permit valid until 2023 and the option to renew for another 10 years, plus the built heat pipeline from the source to the site, as well as the overall infrastructure are the most difficult and expensive investment in the project. All these advantages are available and included in the announced sale price of the property. The company itself, owner of the property and infrastructure, and in whose name the Permit for use of mineral water is issued, can also be purchased. The owner company is registered only for the purpose of acquiring and developing the terrain, due to which it did not carry out any activity and is absolutely clean of any burden.

According to the conceptual design, from which you can see 3d visualizations, general plan and sketches, the presence of outdoor and indoor pools, supplied with hot mineral water, is also envisaged. The entire hotel part, the facilities of the spa and balneo center and the indoor pool are supplied with running mineral water. In addition, the apartments are provided with running mineral water from the fountains for use by residents.

The project envisages the following buildings and parameters:
? Total total built-up area of all buildings: 6977 m2. with a maximum permitted intensity of 8347 m2.
? Hotel part: a building with an area of 2510 m2., including 33 hotel rooms and 11 hotel suites, a large spa and balneological center with a swimming pool and medical offices, a restaurant, a reception and a lobby area;
? 3 residential buildings with a total of 75 apartments - one-bedroom (studios), one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, penthouses;
? Residential building 'A' with an area of 1428 m2;
? Residential building 'B' with an area of 1611 m2 .;
? Residential building 'C' with an area of 1428 m2.
? Outdoor pool with hot mineral water, with separate areas for adults and children;
? Colonnade with sources of running mineral water, fountains, fountains, etc .;
? Richly landscaped park area throughout the complex;
? Indoor outdoor parking;

According to the developed business plan for this conceptual design, the apartments from the 3 residential buildings are planned to be sold to individual end buyers, who will use them as a second home or for investment (renting), as with the generated income and profit from the sale. of the housing units to fully finance the construction and equipment of the hotel part. It is planned that the whole complex will be managed by a professional property management company with a team of professional hotel managers, which will provide quality services for both homeowners and clients of the hotel and the spa center. Including the business plan provides for the generation of financial income and profit not only from the hotel part, but also from the residential part, where the owners will pay a mandatory annual maintenance fee. It is also planned to develop a "rental management" activity for renting apartments in residential buildings on a short-term and long-term basis, which will generate rental income, as are homeowners, but also a certain percentage of these rents will remain and for the management company. We have all the projects and business plan that we can provide to serious interested buyers or investors with an interest in this plot and project. Of course, the buyer of the plot can develop his own project from scratch, and the already developed conceptual design can be used only for reference. The specialists from our corporate group for sales and real estate rentals can also assist with consultation, advice and real work in the development of a project for the buyer, if he wishes.

The indicated sale price includes the terrain, all conceptual developments by the team of specialists in balneological treatment and management of a balneological hotel, as well as the conceptual design itself, on which a huge amount of work has been done. It is necessary to improve the technical part of the project and the construction specialties, which is about 30% of the total required volume of work on the project.

The neighboring plot, which has an area of 6557 m2., can also be purchased. and so the area of the complex to be increased more than 2 times, as well as to build more buildings and facilities.

The town of Dobrinishte is located in a mountainous region, at 850 m above sea level and is surrounded by three mountains - Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. Establishing a spa and ski resort, Dobrinishte is located only 6 km from the world famous ski resort of Bansko. One of the best golf courses in Bulgaria Pirin Golf & Country Club, designed by Ian Usnam, is located at a distance of 17 km. The Aegean Sea and its wonderful beaches near the town of Kavala (Greece) are only about 150 km and 2 hours by car on a nice road.

Dobrinishte is a resort town with a population of about 3000 people, located on the site of an ancient Thracian settlement. Today it stands out as the only ski and spa resort in Bulgaria with healing mineral springs. Clean air, centuries-old pine forests, crystal high mountain lakes and dizzying slopes. Dobrinishte has been declared a spa resort because of its famous 17 mineral springs with a temperature of 30-42 C. They are located in the northern part of the city along the Dobrinishte River.

The area is served by Sofia International Airport, located 165 km away, and in summer you can land on international charter flights to Kavala Airport, 153 km away from Dobrinishte.

Dobrinishte is the final railway station of the only narrow gauge railway in Bulgaria, connecting Dobrinishte with Septemvri via Bansko, Razlog, Velingrad and Yakoruda. The narrow-gauge railway is a unique railway facility, which in recent years has become a real national landmark and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Dobrnishte is a natural starting point from a number of routes in Pirin. To the east, among the meadows, there is a swimming complex with a large pool with hot mineral water and two other smaller pools for children's bathing and sports. 11 km from Dobrinishte is the hut "Gotse Delchev" (1412 m), from where there is a chair lift to the hut "Bezbog" (2236 m). Hiking trails lead to Tevnoto Lake, Popovo Lake and Bezbog Peak. The road from Bezbog hut to Melnik is 12 hours. There is a ski slope from Bezbog hut to Gotse Delchev hut.

Dobrinishte has been declared a spa resort because of its famous 17 mineral springs. They are located in the northern part of the city along the Dobrinishte River. The water is hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium-fluorine. It is odorless and sludge-free and pleasant to drink. Its temperature is from 30 to 42 C and has unique healing properties for the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, skin, kidney disease and many others. Dobrinishte mineral water is used through baths and drinking. According to a doctor's prescription, it cures various diseases. Balneo treatments are available in the public mineral bath and the outdoor swimming complex.

Baths are recommended and have a proven effect in chronic diseases of joints, bones, muscles, tendons, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, the consequences of bone fractures, injuries and contusions. In addition, they have a good effect on chronic diseases of the peripheral nervous system / neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, radiculitis, plexitis /, chronic gynecological diseases and skin diseases / eczema /. It turns out that immersion and prolonged stay in the mineral pool is the best therapy for tired muscles and the whole body.

The mineral water from the springs in Dobrinishte has a beneficial effect on the following diseases:
renal and urological - kidney stone disease, chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis
gastrointestinal - chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitis, ulcer, enterocolitis, colitis
metabolic-endocrine - gout, diabetes
biliary-hepatic disease - gallstone disease, chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholangino-hepatitis, hepatitis, biliary dyskinesia, after surgery
chronic occupational intoxications - from lead, radionuclides, toxic substances from the pharmaceutical industry
has a healing effect on skin wounds - purulent, bleeding, etc.
diseases of the upper respiratory tract - laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis

Indications for treatment by drinking mineral water:
Diseases of the digestive system
Chronic gastritis
Chronic colitis
Tooth decay
Kidney and urinary tract diseases:
Chronic pyelitis

The mineral water of Dobrinishte also cures:


Chronic rheumatoid arthritis / rheumatoid arthritis /
Chronic muscular rheumatism
Diseases of the intervertebral joints / spondyarthritis /
Non-inflammatory diseases of the joints / arthrosis /
Consequences of bone fractures, injuries, contusions
Consequences of muscle injury
Difficult mobility and restriction of joint movement
Inflammation of the periarticular sacs / bursitis /
Inflammation of the tendon vaginas / tendovaginitis /


Chronic inflammation of the ovaries / adnexitis /
Chronic inflammation of the uterus
Insufficiency and dysfunction of the ovaries


Occupational eczema
Chronic eczema




Chronic inflammation of the kidneys / nephritis, pyelitis /
Chronic inflammation of the bladder / cystitis /
Sands in the kidneys / nephrolithiasis /

Chronic hepatitis
Consequences of past hepatitis
Inflammation of the gallbladder / cholecystitis /
Sands in the gallbladder / cholelithiasis /

Chronic gastritis
Chronic colitis
Stomach and duodenal ulcer without bleeding
Chronic constipation


We are ready to organize a viewing of this property at a time convenient for you. Please contact the responsible estate agent and inform them when you would like to have viewings arranged. We can also help you with flight tickets and hotel booking, as well as with travel insurance.

Property reservation
You can reserve this property with a non-refundable deposit of 2,000 Euro, payable by credit card or by bank transfer to our company bank account. After receiving the deposit the property will be marked as reserved, no further viewings will be carried out with other potential buyers, and we will start the preparation of the necessary documents for completion of the deal. Please contact the responsible estate agent for more information about the purchase procedure and the payment methods.

After sale services
We are a reputable company with many years of experience in the real estate business. Thus, we will be with you not only during the purchase process, but also after the deal is completed, providing you with a wide range of additional services tailored to your requirements and needs, so that you can fully enjoy your property in Bulgaria. The after sale services we offer include property insurance, construction and repair works, furnishing, accounting and legal assistance, renewal of contracts for electricity, water, telephone and many more.


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