Chalets MontBrillant, near Bansko and Razlog

Prices   Price list
132 000 – 165 000
920 €/sq.m – 1 123 €/sq.m
Houses, Chalets, Villas

Unit sizes:
117.50 sq.m — 179.30 sq.m



Property units in the building / development:




Reference number:
Chalets Montbrillant — 25610

Fireplace / Local heating / Pellet heating appliance


Type of construction
High ceilings (over 2.85 m)

Parquet flooring, Tiled flooring

170 km

Distance from the property to major attractions
  • Airport Sofia (SOF): 170 km
  • Grocery shop: 200 m
  • Stop of the public transport: 300 m
  • Railway station: 7 km
  • Hospital: 7 km
  • School: 7 km
Views from the property
  • Forest views
  • Hills views
  • Meadow views
  • Mountain views
  • High ceilings (over 2.85 m)
  • Fireplace
  • Local heating
  • Pellet heating appliance


The Chalets Montbrilliant gated development is a holiday village consisting of 8 chalets designed in a modern Alpine style. This is a project giving you the desired relaxation in the mountain – small family houses set on a sunny southeastern slope governing panoramic views to the mountain.

The plot on which the holiday village will be built is regulated. Its area is 3,245 sq.m., it is located on a high hill at the end of the charming village of Godlevo (near Razlog), only 14 km from Bulgaria’s biggest ski resort – Bansko. The access to the plot is fast and easy – along a well maintained asphalt road which is accessible even in winter.

The area of the village of Godlevo is surrounded by rolling hills with pine forests, pastures with lush grass and meadows with fragrant herbs. The plot of the holiday village commands wonderful views to the peaks of Pirin and Rila mountains.

There are designs for two types of family villas:
• is a Finnish-type villa – built with natural hand carved cylindrical logs and with insulation, on three levels. Villa Mont has a sauna and a billiards room which has access to a panoramic terrace.
• is a chalet with massive construction, insulation and stone and wood facing, on two levels.

Each of the eight villas is situated on a separate plot of land whose area varies from 326 to 448 sq.m. The plots are connected to each other via alleys, as each plot has direct access to an asphalt road. Every plot has a parking space. If the client wishes a roof can be built over the parking space which will be in unison with the architecture and the materials used for the villas and will protect the car from the snow and the sun.

The plot of land where the development is located is sunny as it is set on a southeastern slope and it commands a wonderful panoramic view. The plot is terraced which means all houses will have great views to the mountain, the surrounding slopes and forests. The houses in this project are luxurious in a way that will remain unchanged through the years and this allows the houses to change without disturbing their overall concept and harmony. They follow the newest trends in interior and exterior design but at the same time they keep the potential to change in time. The houses we offer you are flexible and adaptable – their rooms can easily be altered, transformed and modernized when you decide you want some change in your second home.

At an attractive price we are offering you quality construction with natural durable materials, functional layout of the interior spaces, elegant comfort, coziness, good ventilation and lighting in the rooms. With this project we have created the perfect conditions for your dream mountain holiday in a healthy environment. And last but not least, both types of houses are very energy efficient and easy to maintain so the costs for their upkeep, heating and ventilation are reduced to a minimum.

By investing in a chalet in the Chalets Montbrilliant development you get much more than a place to relax. You get security that you are investing in something lasting which even decades later will retain its stability and value – both in terms of the quality of the materials used, the architecture and the location.

The goal of the project is to interpret the trend of natural lifestyle in energy efficient houses. The concept of the project puts forward the ergonomics which is a main prerequisite for achieving a cozy and comfortable environment. The rooms are designed in such a way so as to maintain the internal microclimate and to provide comfort to the inhabitants.

Everything said so far can be recapped in Chalets Montbrilliant’s main concept – elegant luxury, esthetics of natural materials and intelligent solutions on every level – from stability, energy efficiency and functionality to attention to each piece of furniture and to the smallest detail in the interior. Investing in such a property will only add to your lifestyle. It will give you a place to escape from the daily life in the city – a place to relax with family and friends, a place to create memories.

This is the place where you can bring up your children to love purity, natural harmony, space and freedom. Everything is calm here, with untouched nature and animals living in their natural habitat. Here your children may see for the first time a squirrel, a hare or even a molehill. If you are strolling in the nearby forests show your children the blackberry bushes and the interesting mushrooms; show them the grand ant-hills which the hard-working ants have been building for years. The buzzing you will hear is the buzzing of the bees gathering the honey dew around the lush meadows.

And in winter… In winter, especially around Christmas, the wonderful houses of the Montbrilliant holiday village will definitely be the first to attract Santa’s sleigh and all the presents. Most of all Santa loves houses with chimneys and fireplaces with cozy and warm rooms – just like your living room, so your stockings will be the first to be filled.

After a day on the snowy slopes of Bansko you can put your feet up and relax in your house. The fire will warm you and make you feel sleepy so you will meet the new day refreshed – ready for new adventures on the white slopes.

The main concept of the project is to recreate the warmth, coziness, comfort and healthy environment of times past when people used only natural materials in their homes. In those times people drew their energy and strength from nature. Everything in their daily life was based on the simplicity of natural materials. The advantage of the houses in this project is in their charge - the charge of the natural materials used.

The idea is the houses to give natural energy and strength to its inhabitants and guests. Each of their elements emanates harmony, coziness and warmth which are conveyed to the inhabitants. The main concept when designing the houses was to create a unique environment that would heal the inhabitants and would restore their natural energy.

Here, among unspoiled nature and crystal clean air and in a house that follows nature’s laws, you will recuperate from the busy and stressful daily life of the big city. Here, submerged in the aroma of the morning dew and the scent of the grass in summer or in the magical whiteness of the snow in winter you will feel your strength returning and your senses will feast on the pure strength and energy.

When a person is healthy they enjoy life much more so in these natural surroundings, which we will create for you, both your body and spirit will feel much better. After a holiday in those wonderful villas you will be ready to face the new challenges and you will know there is a place you can come back to regain your strength and vitality.

The healthy atmosphere in the houses is due not only to the high quality natural materials used for their construction but also partly to the comfort of the rooms and the good internal layout.

Here the light and the natural ventilation are conformable to the needs of the inhabitants. There are no unnecessary acute angles and edges; everything looks as if it is floating – the staircases are of light metal construction but with solid wood steps, the windows are large and let enough natural light. There are no large corridors in both types of houses as they are as small as possible so that the actual living spaces are larger.
The houses we offer you are comfortable and functional and they provide relaxed and cozy living.

The houses have a stable and durable construction but at the same time the internal spaces are spacious, light and airy. The rooms are spacious and roomy.

Another advantage of the villas is that in time they can easily change to follow the fashion in interior design and the heating and maintenance novelties.

We know that in order for a person to feel well they need natural light. During the long summer days we feel great, we are more optimistic and carefree. The windows of our villas are large and offer panoramic views – thus the internal spaces are optically enhanced and by opening the windows you let the nature step into your home. The natural light enters through the large windows and brings the feeling of happiness and vitality.

When the days are short and winter sets in the whiteness of the snow reflects the light of the day and the night. The large windows allow the light of the short days and the moon rays, reflected and multiplied by the white snow, to enter the villas.

In our project all spaces are used as best as possible and the inhabitants are offered comfort and wellbeing – optimal air temperature, natural ventilation, and enough light during the different seasons.

In winter the fireplace and the eco pellet heating system generate warmth and comfort and the windows are placed in such a way so that if needed the air can circulate around the rooms to bring freshness.

And last but not least, the area of the village of Godlevo is ecologically clean and that is why this is the place we chose for you – without the fine dust of the large city and the noise pollution of the traffic, without the constant buzz of the antennas.

Each of the villas Mont and Brilliant can be built on a plot of your choice. For more information, please contact your agent for this offer.


Price list

Price list of the available apartments

Price list



We offer a few furnishing options to the new owners, which have been drawn up by our partners from Furnish.BG. The price of the furnishing packs is between 8,000 and 12,000 Euro depending on the chosen furnishing option from those provided for the specific type of villa.

The furnishing options are as follows:
• Super luxury furnishing pack
• Accessible luxury furnishing pack
• Economical comfort furnishing pack

We are always ready to offer our clients an individual project for the finishing works and the furnishing of the property. The individual projects for the finishing works and the furnishing are made against an additional fee and are the subject of an additional written agreement. Our designers and consultants will offer full assistance.


Technical features

Montbrilliant villas are built with modern materials of the highest quality, as per modern technology and with modern equipment. The materials used are mainly by reputable Bulgarian producers, with proven quality and classical design. As a result of the whole process of designing, building and finishing works you will get an energy efficient home that is easy and cheap to maintain, that is comfortable and that has an everlasting esthetic value.
Each of the houses in the development is offered with a parking space on the allocated plot.

• Roof tiles – 1st quality, ceramic. If the buyer wants and against an additional fee glazed or non-glazed Bramac ceramic roof tiles can be used
• Hydro insulation of the base – along the whole house
• Heat insulation as per the design – high quality, by a reputable producer
• Villa Mont is built from logs with a diameter of 220 mm. The logs themselves provide insulation and they have been assembled as per a special technology according to which the round logs are processed to ensure maximum consolidation between the separate elements.
• Villa Brilliant is with massive reinforced concrete load bearing construction and high-quality tiles. There is additional insulation and wooden paneling as shown on the 3D visualization of the project.
• Gutters – plastic, in the color of the façade or in color corresponding to the colors of the elements on the façade.
• Façade lighting – with fixtures identical to those shown in the 3D visualizations in the offer.
Note: The lighting along the roof contour of the two houses is Christmas lighting which is not included in the price. If the buyer wants and against an additional fee the holiday lighting can also be part of the villa.
• The elements on the façade will be finished as per the architectural project. Where the 3D shows facing from natural materials they will be made of natural materials from Bulgarian producers (stone or wood) or from materials from foreign producers of similar price and quality.
• Lighting of the plot – the lighting fixtures will be place along the main alleys between the gardens. If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee garden lighting can be installed in their private garden.
• Heating system of the villa – the heating system is on pellets and it is included in the price. The villas are sold with functioning heating installation and installed heaters, as per the project.
• Fireplace – each of the villas is offered with a decorative fireplace included in the price. The fireplace is on wood and pellets and heats part of the living room. If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee, the fireplace can be linked to the heating system of the villa.
• Parking space – made of parking elements on grass joints. If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee, a wooden construction can be built over the parking space which will protect it from the sun and the snow.
• The vertical planning, the terracing and the shaping of the terrain for each plot is not included in the price.
• If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee, a project can be drawn up and executed for vertical planning of the plot and planting that includes different plants – trees and shrubs suitable for the climate, including grassing.

Materials by reputable Bulgarian producers with high quality and beautiful design will be used with priority in the construction and finishing works of the houses.
In accordance with your needs and taste the houses are offered in three different levels of finishing of the interior, and namely:

1. Level of completion: fully finished, without furnishing. The house is ready to be furnished. You only have to choose the furniture, appliances and the interior lighting and move in.
The price includes all finishing works – plastering, puttying, latex and flooring as follows: bathroom – faience and terracotta; bedrooms – flooring, paneling, latex painted; living room with dining room and kitchen area – natural parquet or flooring, latex painted; staircases - flooring, paneling, latex painted (as per the architectural project); entrance hall – clinker tiles, verandas and balconies – natural stone tiles. The electric installation is sold with installed wall plugs, electric switches and sockets, without interior lighting fixtures. The façade lighting is included in the price (excluding the Christmas lights shown on the 3D pictures). The bathrooms are sold with all fixtures – sink, shower/bathtub (according to the project), sink and shower mixing taps, with points for installation of a boiler with a capacity of 120 liters, without mirror and accessories. The color scheme of the bathroom will be as per the buyer’s wish. The materials will be Bulgarian from Vidima Ideal, high quality faience and terracotta by a reputable Bulgarian producer, as per the buyer’s choice. The heating system is on pellets, the heaters and their installation are included in the price.

Technical specification of the finishing works for Level of completion: fully finished, without furnishing:

• Window frames of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen areas – wooden, opens to one side, with quality Profi Link profile or of similar price and quality. Against an additional fee we also offer window joinery that opens both vertically and horizontally.
• Front door – wooden, 1st quality, by Bulgarian manufacturer
• Bell at the front door
• Interior doors – 1st quality, by Bulgarian manufacturer, wooden
• Walls and ceilings – plastered, painted with Bulgarian latex, as the colors are chosen by the buyer from the color catalogue of the producer; paneling as shown on the 3D pictures; wooden paneling on the walls in the bedrooms and in the billiards room – as per the architectural project.
• Exterior lighting fixtures on the terraces and the veranda – 1st quality, by Bulgarian manufacturer or by a foreign manufacturer of similar price and quality

• Corridors, kitchenette, staircases and landings – Bulgarian parquet or wooden flooring, 1st quality, the color is chosen by the buyer from the samples provided by the investor
• Entrance hall - clinker
• Store room – clinker, 1st quality – Bulgarian
• Bathroom and lavatory – terracotta, 1st quality – Bulgarian
• Terraces – natural stone tiles by a Bulgarian manufacturer
• Living room – natural parquet or wooden flooring, 1st quality, by Bulgarian manufacturer or by a foreign manufacturer of similar price and quality
• Bedrooms - natural parquet or wooden flooring, 1st quality, by Bulgarian manufacturer or by a foreign manufacturer of similar price and quality

Bathrooms in villa Mont and villa Brilliant – color scheme as per the buyer’s choice
• Flooring – 1st quality terracotta – Bulgarian
• Walls – 1st quality faience – Bulgarian
• Equipment – best quality by producer Ideal Standard - monoblock, sink with taps, shower mixing taps, shower with strip on the floor on which the shower cubicle sits, without shower tray or bathtub (depending on the architectural project)
• Lighting switches – 1st quality by Bulgarian producer, as per the project
• Door – 1st quality by Bulgarian producer, with moisture resistant cover on the inner side
Note: If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee, a mirror can be installed on the outer part of the bathroom door (the door is ordered with the mirror from the producer which guarantees the strength and durability of the product). A door with a mirror is ordered against an additional fee.
According to the Feng shui philosophy for harmonizing the energy in interior spaces we recommend this variant of the bathroom door for villa Mont, which is located opposite the bedroom door.
• Ceiling – suspended, of high quality materials
• Bathroom window – with wooden joinery, opens for more efficient ventilation

Lavatory in villa Mont on the first level - color scheme as per the buyer’s choice
• Flooring – 1st quality terracotta – Bulgarian
• Walls – 1st quality faience – Bulgarian
• Equipment – high quality, from Ideal Standard - monoblock, sink with taps
• Ceiling – suspended, of high quality materials
• Fan to the air vent in the lavatory in villa Mont on the first level – 1st quality
• Wall plugs and electrical switches and ventilaltion – 1st quality by Bulgarian manufacturer

2. Level of completion: fully finished, with full furnishing. The house is completely finished as per the description in Variant 1 (fully finished, without furnishing), as this variant also includes the full furnishing – with installation of black and white goods, boilers, bathroom accessories and interior lighting fixtures. For more information we will present to you the standard furnishing packages we offer.

With the Level of completion: fully finished, with full furnishing, you will receive your new house ready to move in immediately. Just come to your villa to enjoy your holiday without having to bring any furnishing or equipment. This variant is recommendable even of you want to rent the villa out. We will take care of every small detail so that your tenants will have everything at their disposal for a wonderful holiday.

3. Level of completion: as per the buyer’s wish. You will have the opportunity to choose a more economical variant for the finishing works (part of the interior natural floorings and paneling can be changed with a more economical variant) in a special equipment pack, as per a special interior project for the finishing works and the furnishing.
When working on the individual project the exterior concept of the villa will not be changed (as shown on the 3D visualizations). The individual price offer will be drawn up within 14 days after payment of the deposit.

All additional extras we offer against an additional fee are ordered in advance – before the signing of the preliminary agreement. Only then can we guarantee that the cables and systems for the alarm, CCTV, phone, intercom, internet, etc. will be installed well.
• Price of regulated plots of land in the Chalets Montbrilliant development – 50 EUR/sq.m.
• Modeling of the terrain, terracing of the levels, supporting walls and grounds – price about 5,500 Euro
• Decorative fence around the plot – price as per individual offer
• Car port – wooden roof construction and roof tiles - price 1,500 Euro
• Barbecue – prices from 1,000 to 6,000 Euro depending on the model and the extras
• Swimming pool – price depending on the depending on the model, size and extras
- 3,1х7 meters – 13,500 Euro
- 7х4 meters – 18,800 Euro
- 10х4 meters – 22,000 Euro
* There is also an option for a cheaper pool with less extras, depending on the buyer’s budget. For more information please turn to your agent for the offer. Against an additional fee we can also offer you cover for the pool but in that case the pool has to be a rectangular shape.
• Wiring and installing of an alarm system. If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee a security alarm system will be installed. For the purpose the security company draws up an individual offer as per the client’s wishes and the number of sensors in the property so that it is fully covered.
• CCTV – If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee
• Air conditioning system
A the villas we offer you are very well insulated in the summer they are cool without the need of using an additional cooling system. Of course, if the client wishes, a project for an air conditioning system can be drawn up and installed against an additional fee. Please note that the air conditioning system must be ordered in advance – at the signing of the preliminary agreement so that the cables and the other elements can be installed properly.
• Choosing and installing instantaneous water heaters (tankless heaters) – price as per individual offer based on the type and technical specification of the chosen heaters.
• Sliding window frames in the living room and/or bedrooms, where such can be installed – prices depend on the individual offer and the client’s wishes
• Wooden window frames that open vertically and horizontally – price as per individual offer
• Mosquito nets – prices depend on the model
• Wooden shutter blinds or shutters providing better heat insulation and protection of the house when not in use - price as per individual offer
• Energy efficient foil on the windows with an option also to choose foil that makes the outer part of the windows mirror-like – price as per individual offer
• Garden lighting – prices from 1,100 to 3,200 Euro depending on the model and quantity of the lighting fixtures
• If the buyer wishes and against an additional fee, a project can be drawn up and executed for vertical planning of the plot and planting that includes different plants – trees and shrubs suitable for the climate, including grassing. The project can also include ceramic planting pots, flower beds, etc. along the veranda, terraces and the staircases – the price depends on the type and number of plants, as well as the units in which they will be planted
• Decorative garden elements – benches, pergolas, architectural park elements – statues, gnomes, fountains, etc.; garden furniture – tables and chairs, swings, parasols, etc. – price depends on the number of elements and the type of garden furniture
• Children’s playground: prices from 2,100 to 5,300 Euro depending on the model, extras and quantity of the equipment
• Intercom system connected to the entrance gate to the plot, the front door, living room and bedrooms – price from 260 Euro;
• Connecting the intercom with the CCTV – if the buyer wishes and against an additional fee;
• Phone connection – price from 230 Euro;
• Armored front door – price depends on model and extras;
• Fire alarm – price as per individual offer;
• Fire extinguishing system – price as per individual offer;
• Activating the pellet heating system in the villa with a text message (SMS) – price on request;
• All other extras the buyer would like to have - price on request;

The additional extras are made for an additional fee, as the shape and size of the facilities and elements under the project take into consideration the available area on the plot, the terrain, the hours of sunshine, etc. For each villa project we offer the layout as shown on the plan. In case you want to change one or more of the elements our team of experts will work with you to achieve the result you want. The redesign of the spaces belonging to the house is made against an additional fee and only in case it is allowed by and in conformance to the normative, architectural and town planning regulations.



In terms of architecture the idea behind the construction of the houses is based on the everlasting esthetics of natural materials. They are harmonically combined to underline the tectonics of the houses. This project offers elegant architectural style which follows the best European examples that have proved their esthetics and modernity through the centuries. The style of the two types of houses will always be modern and will keep its everlasting beauty and practicality.

Villa Mont is the classical Finnish-style wooden house made of hand carved logs. It consists of one main and two half levels. The total area of this villa is 179.3 sq.m.
The three bedrooms have easy access to the bathrooms and the living room and the fireplace in the dayroom and the sauna on the top level add to the comfort of the inhabitants during the cold winter months. On the ground floor there is a spacious billiards room which is separate from the bedrooms and will not disturb the peace and quiet in the house. The covered terrace means long hours of relaxation under the caressing sun in the fresh mountain air surrounded by greenery.
The construction is of high quality solid Scandinavian pine and spruce which have proven heat insulation qualities and provide true coziness. According to old Scandinavian beliefs the fresh scent of resin in the wood is good for the soul and the body. Moreover, coniferous trees give off a lot of phytoncides - antimicrobial organic compounds that kill dangerous organisms causing illnesses, clear the air and are beneficial for the person’s respiratory and nervous systems.

Villa Brilliant is the second type of house – it is designed in a classical mountain chalet style, with stone and wood paneling. This type of house is on two levels and offers less living area – 117.5 sq.m.
The two bedrooms on the upper floor share a large bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet – necessary space for every fan of winter sports. The living room and the dining room on the ground floor follow the open space principle and have direct access to the garden and the covered veranda. The relaxation room is designed in such a way so as to provide some separation of the spaces at the same time allowing the inhabitants to decide on the functions of the floor level.
The fireplace – an unchanging element in mountain chalets – provides warmth in the open spaces, coziness to the interior and a compositional accent to the exterior of the house. The wood and the stone from the exterior enter the exterior unifying the concept of the villa. The panoramic windows to the veranda allow a lot of light to enter the rooms and provide a wonderful mountain view; the wide roof above the veranda of the Brilliant villa protects it from the winter snow and provides shade during the hot summer days and shelter from the rain. On the roof over the veranda there are three windows which will allow the light to enter and illuminate the space below.

The monolith construction guarantees the stability of the house and the high quality insulation materials guarantee the warmth of the rooms.

The functional layout of the houses aims to maximize the use of the spaces, provide good air circulation and minimize corridor space. In both projects all spaces are optimally used.

The orientation of the slope is used as best as possible as the main rooms face the southeast; the big vertical drop offers unique panoramic views to the surrounding meadows, hills and mountain slopes.

The villas are designed in such a way as to ensure the comfort and health of their owners and inhabitants. The materials used are natural, ecological and of high quality.

If you have a plot of land and you like the concept of villa Mont or villa Brilliant we can construct it in a place where you wish. For more information, please contact the agent for the offer.

The area

The area around the village of Godlevo is famous for its beautiful nature and greenness. The views to the Rila and Pirin mountains are simply breathtaking. There are forests, meadows, glades, rivers, ski pistes, breeding ponds, eco paths, natural and architectural sites. Close by is the golf course designed by Ian Woosnam – Pirin Golf which is becoming more and more popular.

The air here is crystal clean and fresh – in spring and summer it carries the aroma of herbs, resin and berries, in autumn it smells of falling leaves, frost and coolness and in the winter – of snow, icicles melting under the winter sun, pine needles and lighted fireplaces.

The ski pistes of Bansko are set very close to the village of Godlevo. Bansko is the most popular and fast developing ski resort not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkan Peninsula. Keen skiers and all fans of winter sports eagerly await the first snow before Christmas and the opening of the new ski season, which is always accompanied by official celebrations attracting many famous guests and sports people. The ski facilities are new and well maintained and the slopes are processed daily.

Bansko is also the proud host of the annual Jazz festival which attracts world famous jazz artists and their loyal fans. For a few days the town sways in the rhythm of jazz and buzzes with excitement.

The architecture in the center of Bansko is unique with the preserved old style of the houses and elements so typical for the Bulgarian Renaissance period. The cobbled streets wind between the high walls of the houses, the stone fountains offer cold drinking water coming from the Pirin mountain and old women sit on benches chatting away to the enjoyment of tourists and keen photographers.

In spring, summer and autumn the golf course designed by Ian Woosnam attracts golf fans who gather to try their strengths and share their experience on these wonderfully designed and maintained courses. The golf club has a few courses one of which is with 18 holes - ideal for championships. Apart from the tournaments held there the club is great for keen golfers who want to practice and improve their skills in one of the best golf academies in Central and Eastern Europe.

For those who like fishing the area offers fast brooks and breeding ponds with fresh trout. Here you can also have a fast horse ride or a slow trot around the beautiful countryside. The park of the dancing bears, founded under the initiative of the foundations Brigitte Bardot, Chetiri Lapi (Four paws) and the Municipality of Belitsa, is located 12 km from the town of Belitsa. The park is accessed via a mountain road that is suitable only for off-road vehicles. In the park you will see dozens of bears enjoying their freedom after years of slavery.
The many shady eco paths, sunny glades and picnic areas also help visitors have a wonderful time.
Most of the year the mountains of Pirin and Rila are ideal for trekking – of course with the right equipment and experienced guide. Do not go into the mountain without preparation for the tough conditions there. The steep slopes and rocky peaks of Pirin and Rila mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and command respect with their cold inaccessibility.
The main roads in the area are well maintained and accessible throughout the year.


According to the architectural project wood and stone are the main materials used in the construction of Montbrilliant villas. The floorings are natural wood, as is the paneling on the walls. The concept of what is good for people’s health and mind has been the focus when developing the project. That is why the houses have window frames of natural wood, natural parquet or flooring and the walls are from natural wood or are paneled with wood on the inside.

Pine wood has been known for its healing powers. The phytoncides in natural resin of coniferous trees kill dangerous organisms causing illnesses and clear the air. The natural wooden paneling means your villa will have a nice fresh aroma of a pine forest and the natural color of the wood makes the rooms seem even lighter and bigger.

We believe laminate parquet is not conformable to the principles of a harmonized and healthy home. Have you felt the static electricity artificial parquet generates? The popping sound that you hear when you touch the door handles for example is the sound of static electricity. In the long term it hinders the right flow of bioelectricity in one’s organism. We know that and that is why the floorings in the villas we offer are all natural – stone, wood, terracotta, clinker. There is no gypsum plaster or Ytong blocks in our project. There is also no plastic, paint, artificial resin and cohesive substances found in the laminated parquet and most stoneware tiles. Everything here is natural.

The high quality materials and products we will use for the construction and finishing works in the villas will be mainly by Bulgarian producers. The front door and the interior doors will be from natural wood. The bathroom and sauna doors will be moisture resistant. The window frames are also wooden and because wood provides the best insulation there will be no condensation or humidity.

If you decide to act on an impulse and take off your shoes in the house then fell free to do so. Your body will be thankful for the natural materials under your feet and your senses will remind you long after that of the warm and cozy wooden floor.

Security and maintenance

The security of the villas will include a modern alarm system and video monitoring of each unit in the development – villa, garden, parking space. Please have in mind that there is an additional fee for the installation and components of the system and there is an annual installment for the security services.

The maintenance of the Montbrilliant villas is fast, easy and affordable. All materials are easy to clean and do not hold dirt. The floors are from natural materials but they are smooth and easy to clean. The walls and spaces “breathe” so there is no stale air in the rooms. The wooden wall paneling gives off the aroma of resin and healing phytoncides. The kitchen units in our furnishing packs are also easy to clean. In front of the fireplace there will be an area of natural ground stone which will protect the wood from the heat and the occasional spark from the fire. We have thought of everything – this is the dream home that is easy to maintain.

For an additional fee of 600 Euro we can provide the following:
• maintenance of the alleys and the common areas
• making rounds around the property 2 times a week
• visiting the property in case of an emergency event and activated alarm
• communication between you and the maintenance person via e-mail, skype or phone of necessary
If the owners of the houses in the development wish a different organization of the maintenance and additional services we have the flexibility to provide the necessary services under different conditions.

For additional services please contact the agent for the offer.

Level of completion

The level of completion of each of the villas is fully finished, without furnishing. There is an option for an individual project for the interior spaces. The project is made against an additional fee and based on the materials used in it an individual price offer is drawn up for the materials, delivery and execution of the project.

Even if you choose the individual project option the external appearance and concept of the houses will remain unchanged – as it is designed and shown on the 3D visualizations.

The offer with the price list for each individual project shall be drawn up within 14 days after payment of the deposit.

For more information please see The Technical Specification of Montbrilliant villas.

Energy efficiency

The houses are heated with eco pellets, as apart from the heating system the houses also have fireplaces which not only provide warmth but coziness as well. The aroma and the crackle of the wood in the fireplace create the feeling of belonging to ancient times and rituals – when people gathered around the warm fire, when they were much closer to each other and gave each other strength, love and support.

Wood provides incomparable natural insulation – durable and reliable. In addition, the houses have insulation layers providing the optimal temperature, the lowest possible energy consumption and high energy efficiency.

The houses in the Chalets Montbrilliant holiday village offer thermal protection both in summer and winter. The heat transfer through the outer walls of the houses is 0,18 W/m2 at a norm as per the European standard of < 0,20 W/m2.
The wooden walls of the houses which we will build have 3 to 5 times better insulation qualities than brick or concrete walls.

The heating in the houses is optimized with a few heating points in the larger rooms for better distribution of the warmth. This system will help avoid the dreaded condense on the windows which is a prerequisite for mould and mildew. Around the large panoramic windows there will be vertical heating elements which will provide reliable heating despite the large window panes. This method has proved its efficiency in heating rooms with such windows.

On the one hand, the wood and wooden paneling in the houses provide good insulation on the outside and keep the house warm in winter and do not let the warmth be lost through the walls and the roof. In the summer months the heat outside will not bother the inhabitants as wood isolates high temperatures. Thus the houses provide great microclimatic conditions. This is also one of the signs for the high energy efficiency of the houses.

Here you will not need air conditioners to regulate the temperature in summer. Just open the windows and let the evening breeze enter through them. This way the house will be cooler and you will relax despite the heat on the long summer days.


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