Paula Kubicius-Mladenova

Sales manager, Head Office, Sofia

Paula Anna Kubicius-Mladenova is a professional in the real estate industry with extensive experience and proven success. She has a broad educational background and is proficient in several languages, allowing her to work successfully with clients from different nationalities.

Paula is of Polish origin, born in Warsaw. She completed her primary education in the Polish capital, after which her family moved to Bulgaria in 1996. She completed her secondary education at Ivan Vazov High School in Pomorie. She continued her studies at the College of Tourism in Burgas, specializing in organization and management of tourist services, with a strong focus on studying Russian and English. She furthered her education at the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Veliko Tarnovo, specializing in International Tourism.

Paula is fluent in Polish and Bulgarian, both written and spoken. She also has a high level of proficiency in Russian and English.

Paula has had a rich and diverse professional path, primarily working with foreign clients. Her career began as a tour guide at a tourist agency on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Over the years, she gained experience as a ground stewardess at Burgas Airport and then along with her mother became involved in family business, taking over the management of their own boutiques for women's clothing.

In 2007, she entered the real estate business, starting work for a Polish agency in Sunny Beach, where she spent five years. During this period, she assisted Polish clients in finding and purchasing suitable holiday properties in Bulgaria. She quickly gained experience in the real estate sector and completed her first transactions. She distinguished herself with her trading skills, successfully presenting Bulgarian properties to the Polish market. Despite her success in the real estate industry, Paula decided to dedicate the following years to raising her young daughter.

During her motherhood, Paula realized her love for working with clients and assisting them in making the best investment decisions. The variety of property types, individual needs of clients, and the dynamic nature of the industry inspire and motivate her. With this in mind, she decided to return to the real estate business and sought a field to showcase her abilities in a leading company with a strong presence and high work standards.

In early 2023, Paula Kubicius joined LUXIMMO and quickly stood out as one of the brightest talents in the company. Her experience and knowledge are the result of over 10 years in the real estate industry, working with diverse clients, including Bulgarians and foreigners from different backgrounds.

She is highly competent and capable of providing professional advice and consultations to clients interested in purchasing properties in various areas and destinations. Paula successfully advises her clients on taxation and financial strategies for property investments, offering comprehensive assistance in these areas.

Thanks to her professional skills and extensive experience, Paula has the opportunity to work not only with clients in the Bulgarian market but also with clients in markets such as Dubai, UAE, Greece, and Spain. The new challenges associated with luxury property sales abroad and serving clients with high social status provide her with the chance to develop professionally in new directions within the real estate industry and solidify her position as a leading consultant in the agency.

Despite her achievements, Paula continues to grow in the industry, combining her passion for real estate with high professionalism and commitment to her clients. She is a preferred consultant for international investors and clients seeking a reliable and competent advisor in the field of real estate in Bulgaria and around the world.

Her personal work principles include honesty and loyalty, and her motto is 'work that satisfies clients is a guarantee of sustainable and long-term business'.

In her free time, Paula enjoys watching shows about the real estate market and interior design, traveling with her family, reading, and practicing martial arts.