Dr. Gergana Tsankova

Commercial Director, Head Office, Sofia

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

Dr. Gergana Tsankova joined the LUXIMMO team in 2017. She completed her secondary education at a foreign language high school in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, and continued her higher education at UNWE, majoring in Economics of Defense and Security. Gergana was named UNWE Student of the Year in 2016. In 2017, she graduated with a master's degree in Economics of Defense and Security. On 02.06.2021 Gergana received the scientific degree Doctor in the specialty Economics and Management at the University of National and World Economy. The topic of her dissertation work is "Improving the fight against smuggling of tobacco products in the Republic of Bulgaria". In 2022, she completed her second master's degree Real Estate Management, and in 2023 she completed her third master's degree Intellectual Property and Creative Industries. Dr. Tsankova has many successfully completed trainings, the latest of which are part of Desi Stoyanova's platform "Be the voice that stands out", namely the courses "Present and convince" and "How to be media attractive".

Gergana speaks English very well.

Already after graduating from high school, Gergana started working in real estate, gaining experience in various companies. In addition to being a broker, over the years she also worked as a manager of the Rents department in the companies Mirela and Valer. Gergana was part of the VIP Securities team as a security expert, head of the corporate clients department.

When joining LUXIMMO Gergana started out as a luxury real estate agent. Over the years, Dr. Tsankova has proven herself to be an extremely proactive professional in her documentary knowledge and ability to comprehensively cover all activities related to realty transaction. This valuable knowledge allowed her to take the position of director of LUXIMMO ACADEMY in May 2023, which trains young specialists who become part of the largest luxury real estate agency in Bulgaria.

In July 2023, she also assumed the responsible position of Commercial Director of the corporate property and construction group STOYANOV ENTERPRISES, leading the sales teams of the brands LUXIMMO, SUPRIMMO and STONEHARD across the country and is responsible for the quality of services offered in the offices of all agencies part of STOYANOV ENTERPRISES.

Our clients trust Gergana because of her experience in the field of real estate, and her colleagues have complete trust because of her loyal attitude and the responsibility with which she treats her work. She is distinguished by out of the box thinking and innovation.

In her spare time, Gergana is a football referee. She plays and watches football. Her great passion is reading a variety of literature in the fields of economics, self-improvement and personal development.