Diana Lyubenova

Senior consultant, Office Vitosha, Sofia

The home is not just a place, but a feeling!

Diana Lyubenova joined the team of office "Vitosha" 69A in the fall of 2016. She graduated from 138 School "Prof. Vasil Zlatarski" and then from the Private High School for Hosteller Services, where she got a profession qualification - hotelier. Diana speaks good English and has basic knowledge of Italian.

Her professional career started in the family business, where Diana was in charge of the organization of various investment projects in the real estate sector, as well as in the coordination of the construction activities. Diana was also responsible for the compilation of documentation, the organization of viewings and the entire real estate buying and selling process. Diana has experience in managing rental properties, in finding tenants, covering the rents and fees and taking care of the property management and maintenance.

Throughout the years Diana was also interested in the design and manufacture of jewelry from natural stones and precious metals, where she was responsible for the organization and marketing activities associated with this business.

Diana is an extremely fair, accurate and responsible person. In her daily activities she is applying an individual approach and has positive personal attitude towards every client. She believes that the home is not just a place but a feeling and strives to help her clients find the property of their dreams.

In her spare time, Diana always finds time for sports and travelling. She is a talented artist and jeweler maker, being happy that art fills her life with beauty and energy.