Nicola Cholakov

Sales Manager, Representation in Greece (Halkidiki Properties)

Nikola Cholakov is a senior real estate consultant currently located at the Head Office of LUXIMMO. Thanks to Nicola Cholakov and his hard work and professionalism, LUXIMMO managed to develop so strongly on the Greek market, where we are no longer competitive with the consultations of Bulgarian clients looking to buy or rent property in our southern neighbor.

He has graduated the National Humanitarian High School in Blagoevgrad. From 1996 to 2012 he lived in Greece, where he worked as a real estate agent in one of the largest Greek agencies.

The main priorities of Cholakov are honesty and respect for the customer. His experience in the field of real estate and the perfect knowledge of the Greek language help him contribute to the correct identification of the customer needs, so he can find and offer the right property.

Nichola is bright, positive, sociable and ambitious person. In his spare time he is interested in music, history and automobiles.

Nicola prices the work and the approach of LUXIMMO for their sincere attitude towards customers and employees. What he values most are the professionalism of his colleagues and the good relations within the team.