Iveta Todorova

Team Leader, Office Vishneva, Sofia (LUXIMMO)

Quality and creativity at work.

Iveta Todorova joined our team in 2014. She graduated from National Trade and Banking High School and received a BA in "Trade economy" from the University of National and World Economy. She continues her higher education at New Bulgarian University with the Masters program Advertisement and brand management. She speaks excellent English.

Iveta proves her knowledge with a vast experience in the sales field and advertisement. She worked as a Manager of Bulgarian affiliate company of mens and womens fashion Steilmann, in City Center Sofia.

Before getting into the real estate business, Iveta was sales manager in the biggest publishing house of monthly magazines on the market in Bulgaria Attica Media Group, which represents the Bulgarian editions of Forbes, Playboy, Maxim, Grazia, OK! And Joy. At this position Iveta was in charge for the daily communication with current and future advertisers, media planning and provision of the best results for the clients of the company, as well as execution of the trades goals of the edition.

As a result, Iveta improves her skills in customer service and the communication, and she is a Marketing specialist for some years and continues as Account manager at the advertising agency All Channels. She is responsible for the whole advertising service for their clients, as well as planning of the implementation of future finance goals of the company. She worked for companies among which are Tishman International, UNICEF, Mtel, Prestige 96, petrol station ECO, Interlease and many others.

Thanks to this experience Iveta has gained excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as the ability to implement her creativity in the work envinronment.

She is interested in business, management, marketing and advertisement, and she often attends such events to improve her competences in these fields. She was part of the Business and Marketing seminar Webit and events organised by Web and events, and others.

Her client dedication and the possibility to work in the direction of achieving the goals of the company by providing the most efficient service in realization of the desired transaction are what motivate her most.