Nicola Stoyanov

Founder & Owner, Head Office, Sofia

Nicola Stoyanov is a respected Bulgarian entrepreneur in the field of real estate and construction, founder and main shareholder of the Bulgarian corporate group STOYANOV ENTERPRISES.

Since 1998, Stoyanov has been developing business structures in the main activities related to marketing and sales of properties, as well as construction and entrepreneurial activity. In parallel, he also created sister companies for property management, interiors and furnishings, property insurance, tourism. Currently, in addition to being a shareholder and manager in LUXIMMO, he is also the owner of SUPRIMMO, STONEHARD, PROPERTY.BG, RENT A HOME, LUXIMMO DUBAI, BUSSINESSFORSALE.BG, FURNISH.BG, as well as the construction and investment company TASKOV & STOYANOV

  • He started working in the industry in 1996 as a regular real estate broker in a small agency;
  • From 1997 to 1999 he was part of student programs in the UK, while working as an intern at one of the first Internet companies for digital marketing in London;
  • In 1998 he started his first internet business - an information portal for Bulgarian ski resorts, aimed at foreign tourists. Subsequently, the group of tourist sites grew and covered the seaside resorts and the largest cities in Bulgaria. He subsequently sold the entire network of travel sites to tour operator Silky Holidays in order to focus entirely on his first real estate related projects starting at the time;
  • In 2000 - 2001 he was an intern in the Bulgarian financial-industrial corporation Eurohold;
  • In 2002 he started working on his first own real estate brands, including the PROPERTY.BG platform.
  • In 2003 he founded his first real estate agency Bulgarian Properties, aimed at foreign buyers in Bulgaria. Subsequently, the company expanded its focus, providing services to Bulgarian clients in the middle and lower segment of real estate. In 2017, he sold his share of the company to the other partner in order to capitalize on his work and to direct all his time and financial resources in the development of his luxury brand LUXIMMO, as well as in the creation of his new agency for the mass segment SUPRIMMO, inspired by the principles of the famous in the West hybrid model;

  • In 2004 he established his first construction and investment company Chobanov and Stoyanov. Subsequently, in 2017, after the departure of his partner, the company changed its name to Taskov & Stoyanov, accepting its current partner in investment construction Kamen Taskov, a proven construction entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in housing construction. To date, Nicola Stoyanov, through his companies and partners, has participated as an investor in the construction of more than 20 buildings and gated communities, as well as over 50 single-family houses, with a total built-up area of ​​over 150,000 sq.m. To date, his current projects under construction have an area of ​​almost 20,000 sq.m;
  • In 2005 he established his real estate management company PROPERTYMANAGEMENT.BG, whose network of professionals today manages more than 10 residential buildings and holiday complexes throughout Bulgaria. He is currently a majority shareholder in the company;
  • In 2005 he founded the company for furniture and interiors FURNISH.BG. He is currently a shareholder in the company;
  • In 2007 he created his first luxury real estate platform LUX IMOTI, which was subsequently rebranded to LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATES. In 2017, he bought the shares of his other partner. Transformed the company into a fully family-owned, boutique luxury real estate agency in Bulgaria and abroad, transferring its management to his wife Nevena Stoyanova, who is currently a leading luxury real estate expert in Bulgaria;
  • LUXIMMO FINEST ESTATES was awarded in 2016 as a Bulgarian agency leader in the field of luxury properties at the Luxury Property Awards competition, organized by VIP Communication. In 2018, the agency received two awards, incl. 5-Star Winner, at the extremely prestigious International Propety Awards in London, UK;
  • In 2009 he created the first platform for sale of business and enterprises BusinessForSale.BG, operating under the auspices of one of its real estate agencies. In 2017, it fully acquired the platform, transforming it into a separate consulting company for the sale of business and business assets for production and trade;
  • In 2009 he founded Healthy Living, one of the first Bulgarian companies engaged in the current business related to BIO and organic foods and products. In 2017, he sold his shares to the other partner of the company to concentrate his efforts entirely on real estate and related activities;
  • In 2016, he founded the consulting company Stonehard - a specialized platform for marketing and sales of new construction properties in Bulgaria and abroad. Currently, the portfolio of new projects includes more than 500 buildings and complexes in the capital, all major regional cities and resorts in the country, as well as in various current locations around the world. Currently, Stonehard is the only Bulgarian agency specializing in the marketing and sales of new construction properties;
  • In 2017, Stonehard was awarded the prize for starting agency for real estate at the prestigious guild competition organized by the portal;
  • In 2017 he created the innovative real estate agency SUPER IMOTI / SUPRIMMO, built on the unique hybrid model in the real estate business, already established in many Western countries. The agency applies a completely new approach to Bulgaria in the real estate sales and rentals business. In 2019, the agency acquired the status of superagency, generating a portfolio of over 30,000 current properties from all segments, both in Bulgaria and Greece, as well as in other countries around the world. The network of offices, representatives and franchise offices working in association with SUPRIMMO already numbers 25. The brokers and associates of the agency exceed 120 professionals - an impressive result for such a young company!
  • In 2018 he received a special award for the most innovative agency at the established industry competition Awards;
  • In 2018 he transformed the digital platform for sale of Bulgarian properties to foreigners PROPERTY.BG into a fully subsidiary structure of SUPRIMMO REAL ESTATE GROUP, gaining access to the entire marketing resource of the group, its office network and its huge portfolio of all property classes, all over the country;
  • In 2019 he founded the company SUPER CREDIT, a licensed credit consultant from the BNB. The credit intermediary maintains contractual relations with all major banks and non-bank financial institutions and aims to assist in obtaining mortgage and consumer financing in the most favorable conditions for the clients of the 4 connected agencies, as well as the buyers of new construction properties in their own housing projects developed by the group.

    A few more facts about Nicola Stoyanov, personally and professionally:
  • He was born in 1974, in the town of Vidin in an ordinary family of intellectuals;
  • Graduated from the English Language High School in his hometown: 1988-1993;
  • He completed regular military service in the Bulgarian Army: 1993-1995;
  • Studied economics and finance at the University of National and World Economy: 1995-2000;
  • He started his first own trading company in 1998;
  • Internship in leading companies in London and Sofia: 1997-2001;
  • Ever since his teens he dreamed of running his own business and managing companies;
  • He started working as a student in 1990, dealing with various then relevant activities in the field of services and trade;
  • Communicates fluently in English, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. Uses German;
  • An avid athlete practicing amateur sports - alpine and cross-country skiing, kite-surfing, jogging, mountain biking, crossfit, boxing, etc.;
  • Happily married, with 2 children.